Online Mammography QA


The Online Mammography QA (oMamQA) course is a valuable training tool for mammography radiographers within Australia and New Zealand. 

QA is an integral part of successful accreditation but it can be daunting to interpret the vast range of manuals and guidelines. oMamQA equips you to confidently perform tests and interpret your results, ultimately increasing patient safety.

This novel resource was developed to provide a nationally consistent approach to QA in digital mammography for BreastScreen Radiographers, and is designed to be beneficial to the wider mammography community. 

oMamQA provides comprehensive training for new radiographers as well as enabling experienced radiographers to acquire valuable tips to streamline the QA process.



          1. Introduction to QA & QC
          2. Physics of Mammography Revision
          3. Test Equipment
          4. Tests relevant to All Systems
          5. CR Tests
          6. DR Tests
          7. Printer Tests
          8. Film Digitiser 
          9. Biopsy Tests
          10. Artefacts
          11. Troubleshooting
          12.  Radiation Safety

The oMamQA course is easy to use and is comprised of 12 self-directed modules. Flexible options allow you to tailor the course to your needs according to your personal experience and equipment.
Modules of engaging lectures, annotated images, and video demonstrations build knowledge while the complementing activities such as quizzes, choose-your-own- adventure assignments and self-reflective tools help to reinforce the principles and practice.

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At the conclusion of the course, students should:

      • Be competent to perform routine QA tests on digital mammography equipment in line with BreastScreen Australia NAS and RANZCR guidelines.
      • Understand the reasons behind each QA test and the importance of QA in optimizing equipment performance and ensuring radiation safety.
      • Identify artefacts on digital images and develop an awareness of their causes and removal.
      • Be proficient in completing basic troubleshooting to resolve issues arising in QA.


Prerequisites: Experience as a radiographer in mammography.




Cost per 12 months access (inc GST)

ACPSEM Member/ BreastScreen Australia Employee





Please complete and return the oMamQA Enrolment Form


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This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. 

We wish to thank BreastScreen NSW for their generous sharing of resources with ACPSEM for this project. We also thank BreastScreen WA, SA, NT, VIC, TAS, NSW and ACT for providing staff for consultation during this project. 


AIR Endorsed Course ACPSEM-00469-2014 (formally #117)

NZIMRT Endorsed Course- 1pt/hr Max 5 pts/day