Asia Pacific SIG

The ACPSEM has established the Asia Pacific Special Interest Group (APSIG).

The purpose of this special interest group is to encourage and assist ACPSEM members to work with similar overseas organisations and institutions in the advancement of medical physics and engineering, especially in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The APSIG is an active fundraising group for the ACPSEM Medical Research Foundation and also works closely with major ANZ volunteer agencies and Asian Pacific medical physics organisations.

Committee Membership
Chair: Simon Downes (email:
Secretary: Catherine Lawford
Members: Brian Thomas, Tomas Kron, Anna Ralston, Siva Sarasanandarajah, Howell Round, Stephanie Corde-Tehei, Donald McLean, Francis Gibbons


  • To facilitate communication with ACPSEM members on medical physics and engineering issues in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To educate members and the general public about issues pertinent to medical physics and engineering in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To support workshops and conferences related to the mission of the group
  • To coordinate and organise links between volunteer host institutions and visiting IAEA and UICC fellows
  • To promote the activities of the group within Australian medical physics and engineering departments and international organisations including the IAEA and UICC
  • To support IAEA activity in the region through provision of experts and running of workshops
  • To collaborate with other medical or scientific professions as needed


  • Creation and maintenance of a database of members interested in hosting either IAEA or UICC fellows, including specific skill bases, equipment types, software, spoken languages, etc.
  • Cooperation with IAEA and UICC through provision of up to date list of available host institutions
  • Facilitate access to ACPSEM publications and selected membership privileges for visiting fellows
  • Facilitate ACPSEM support and endorsement for relevant activities, including courses, meetings and training
  • Investigation of possible funding for related activities