Biomedical Engineering

About the Biomedical Engineering Specialty Group.

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to help improve patient health care and the quality of life of individuals.

As a relatively new discipline that has been established in the governance, development and maintenance of Medical Devices, much of the work in biomedical engineering now consists of research and development, covering an array of fields: bioinformatics, medical imaging, image processing, physiological signal processing, biomechanics, biomaterials and bioengineering, systems analysis, computational biology, 3-D modeling, etc. Examples of concrete applications of biomedical engineering are the development and manufacture of biocompatible prostheses, medical devices, diagnostic devices and imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs.

Biomedical Engineers have been involved in work relating to the research and development of bionic eye, bionic ear and artificial hand, the design of replacement joints, as well as the development of mobility and communication aids for the physically disabled. It is generally advised for a person who is likely to enjoy this type of work to embark upon a relatively straightforward degree in science and, where able, to choose course electives in human biology, anatomy, computing, electronics; to name just a few.

The purpose of this specialty group is to provide an opportunity for ACPSEM members who are working or interested in this area to receive and exchange information of relevance to their professional development, as well as an opportunity to make a contribution when when comment is sought on government policy, to name just one example. Members of this group need to be financial members of the College.


Dr Emmanuel Koumoundouros
Biomedical Engineering
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne
Melbourne 3010, Australia

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