The Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) has a mission to advance services and professional standards in medical physics and biomedical engineering for the benefit and protection of the community.

1st place winnder - Duncan Butlr - "Alignment". Category: Professionals at work ACPSEM is a not for profit association of members who have careers in medical physics (either in the radiation oncology, radiology and/or nuclear medicine), biomedical engineering or radiopharmaceutical science. Our members are based in Hospitals, National Health organisations, private clinics, universities and in industry. Some have research as their main focus whereas others are very much at the forefront of patient diagnosis and treatment. As with any medical profession they often work in teams, alongside medical doctors, radiation therapists and technicians.

The ACPSEM represents Medical Physicists, Physical Scientists and Biomedical Engineers in Australia and New Zealand. It has a keen interest in education and advanced knowledge for both professionals and those seeking information on a broad range of medical science topics.

We offer a range of services to our members and provide general information to anyone interested in learning more about medical physics and biomedical engineering. Specifically we;

  • Offer Training Education and Assessment Programs (TEAP) in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics (ROMP), Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine and/or Radiology) Medical Physics (DIMP) and Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS).
  • Advocate on behalf of our members, ensuring the needs and opinions of our members are strongly represented
  • Provide accreditation for universities courses, hospital departments and clinics to ensure consistent and appropriate professional standards
  • Certify medical physicists to achieve high quality care and patient outcomes
  • Maintain a register of certified medical physicists and accredited hospital departments and clinics
  • Assess qualifications for medical physicists applying for Skilled Migration to Australia
  • Provide networking and information sharing opportunities, linking like minded professionals from Australia, New Zealand and internationally.
  • Facilitate events and courses for the benefit of scientific professionals
  • Provide specialist advice and information to government and other key stakeholders

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Duncan Butler "Alignment" . Category: Professionals at work