Elekta Travel Awards

ACPSEM’s APSIG (Asia-Pacific Special Interest Group) is pleased to offer the annual Elekta Travel Award.

This award enables Medical Physicists to travel between Australia or New Zealand and a developing country (in the Asia-Pacific region) for educational purposes.

The objective of the Travel Award is to assist with, in alternate years,
a) The cost of a Medical Physicist from a developing country in the Asia Pacific region to attend the annual Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine (EPSM-ABEC) conference in Australia/NZ, and visit at least one radiotherapy department in Australia/NZ; and
b) The cost of a Medical Physicist from Australia to attend the annual Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics (or similar) and visit at least one radiotherapy department in the host country.

Only one award will be granted each year (up to a maximum of AU$5000), and will be based on the quality of the applications. The attendee is expected to present at the respective conference, and submit a report to Elekta, and to the ACPSEM.

Goals of the Awards

To assist medical physicists from developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region to participate in medical physics scientific, educational and professional activities at the international level.

To encourage co-operation in the field of medical physics between ACPSEM members and medical physicists from developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

To educate members about issues pertinent to medical physics and engineering in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Applicants from Australian or NZ must be a member of ACPSEM;
  • Applicants from developing countries should hold appropriate membership in the local Medical Physics Organization or Society should one exist;
  • A “developing country in the Asia-Pacific region” is as defined by AusAID (http://www.ausaid.gov.au/countries/Pages/default.aspx);
  • Demonstration of support from applicant’s institution;
  • A person may only receive this award once;
  • Applicant must be able to communicate in English.

Selection Criteria

  • Physicists from the least developed countries/areas
  • Physicists who have had less opportunity to attend overseas training/conferences;
  • Value of attending the congress for applicant and employer/hospital as judged by case put forward by applicant;
  • Quality of submitted abstract (paper may either be scientific, or a discussion of the workforce, education, status and roles of Medical Physicists, etc., in the applicant’s country).

Application Process
All applications must be received by the announced deadline. The date of this deadline will vary each year depending on the date of the Scientific Meeting.

Applicants must use the Elekta Travel Award application form. Submissions can be made by mail to: APSIG Chair, ACPSEM, Suite 7.12, 247 Coward St, Mascot, NSW 2020, AUSTRALIA, or by email to apsig@acpsem.org.au.

In addition, applicants must provide

  • 1-page maximum typed cover letter describing your career plans and goals and how this award will assist your career, institution or country;
  • 2-page maximum Curriculum Vitae which must include your scientific publications and presentations, clinical training undertaken, positions held and any other relevant information;
  • 1-page maximum letter of recommendation and support from your supervisor/manager;
  • Scientific abstract of the work which you intend to present at the scientific meeting during your visit (check abstract submission guidelines for relevant conference) should your application be successful.

The APSIG Committee will examine all applications for eligibility

  • All eligible applications shall be considered by the APSIG Committee. Decisions will be based on the quality of the submitted information and according to the selection criteria. If no suitable applications are received the award will not be made. Decisions are final.
  • A Notification of Award will be issued to the successful applicant. The successful Australian/NZ applicant will receive the AU$5,000 award on their return from the trip and following submission of a detailed travel claim.
  • An applicant from a developing country will arrange for pre-payment of travel costs through ACPSEM.

Important Conditions

  • The award is to be used to assist with reasonable travel costs and accommodation, conference registration, and travel insurance.
  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring that he/she has all required travel documents, visas and health insurance. If the applicant is unable to obtain the necessary documentation to travel in a timely fashion, the travel award will be forfeited.
  • The applicant is responsible for organising a hospital site visit, but APSIG may assist.
  • The applicant is responsible for making all necessary travel arrangements. Host institutions may, at their discretion, assist with travel and accommodation arrangements. It remains the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all such arrangements are in place.
  • If the award does not fully cover travel and registration costs, the applicant is responsible for applying for and obtaining any additional funding required through local and international agencies.
  • Applicants are responsible for registering for the scientific meetings in the host country and are required to submit an oral or poster presentation.
  • We encourage the applicant to work with the host institutions to attempt to obtain low cost accommodation.
  • Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive written report to Elekta, and to the ACPSEM within one month of their return home.

For further information please email apsig@acpsem.org.au.

Reports from Previous Award Winners

2014 - Report from Matrika Prasad Adhikari from Nepal