External Committees

ACPSEM nominees or representatives on external committees

We are currently reviewing and updating this list. Please contact us if you wish to report an error.

  • AFOMP AFOMP; Dr H. Round, Dr Eva Bezak and Mr Simon Downes
  • Multi-disciplinary Diagnostic Imaging Panel ARPANSA; Mr Luke Wilkinson
  • Working Group - to develop Diagnostic Reference Levels ARPANSA/RHC; Mr A. Wallace & A/Prof L. Collins
  • Tripartite Committee ARPANSA Assoc. Dr Sean Geoghegan (as ACPSEM President) & Dr B. Hill (Chair of Radiation Oncology Specialty Group) & Mr Michael Bailey
  • RORIC Working Party – Workforce Group DoHA; Dr M. Carolan
  • RORIC Working Party – Research Group DoHA; Dr. M. Ebert (ACPSEM rep); Dr A. Haworth (Vic rep)
  • RORIC Working Party on Quality Assurance DoHA; Dr B. Hill
  • Health Program Grants (RADONC Technical Specifications Working Group) DoHA; Dr B. Healy
  • Monitoring and Implementation Committee DIAS: Dr David Thiele
  • Standards Liaison Panel RANZCR; Dr John Burrage
  • General Radiography and Fluoroscopy Working Party RANZCR; Mr Lee Collins, Mr Ian Smith and Dr Jenny Diffey
  • ​Standards of Practice Review RANZCR: Dr John Burrage, Mr Ian Smith, Mr Luke Wilkinson and Dr H. Round
  • Computed Tomography Reference Group RANZCR; Mr Paul Cardew and Mr Luke Wilkinson
  • IOMP IOMP; Dr B. Allen, Prof. T. Kron, Mr M. Paris
  • IOMP Awards committee IOMP; Dr B. Thomas
  • NZ National Radiation Protection Advisory Council NZ Health; Mr A. Stewart
  • Committee of Medical Electrical Equipment Standards Australia; (to be advised)
  • Committee Lasers in Medical Procedures Standards Australia; A/Prof L. Collins & Dr J. Coles
  • Committee Drug Infusion Pumps Standards Australia; (to be advised)
  • Therapeutic Goods Committee (Chairperson) TGA; A/Prof L. Holley (nominated by ACPSEM)
  • Medical Physics Advisor TROG Prof. A. Haworth

Key to acronymns:

AFOMP: Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics
ARPANSA: Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
RHC: Radiation Health Committee
RORIC: Radiation Oncology Reform Implementation Committee
TGA: (Australian) Therapeutic Goods Administration
DoHA: Australian Government Department for Health and Ageing
JCE: Joint College Executive – includes ACPSEM & the College of Biomedical Engineers (Engineers Australia)
IOMP: International Organization for Medical Physics
MSAC: Medical Services Advisory CommitteeTROG: Trans –Tasman Radiation Oncology Group
RANZCR: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists