Business Details

The ACPSEM is a company limited by Guarantee ABN 44 005 379 162.

It is governed in accordance with governance legislation, regulations and standards applied in Australia and New Zealand. It comprises a council, branches (state, territory and New Zealand) and several specialty committees.

Board Structure

The ACPSEM is overseen by a Board of 8 Directors:

Directors must ensure that they comply with their legal obligations and are expected to be familiar with the Constitution of the College, the Duties and Guidelines for Officers and the ACPSEM Conflict of Interest policy.

Specific Tasks of Directors

  • Attend and contribute to Board Meetings
  • Establish strategies and policies on behalf of the ACPSEM members
  • Review and vote upon other matters of importance to the ACPSEM, its members, or the professions it represents.
  • To incorporate Corporate Responsibility into the strategies and actions of the ACPSEM

ACPSEM governance documentation is available by selecting the menu item to the left.

For further information regarding ACPSEM governance, please contact the General Manager on +61 (02) 8305 3907 or email