Individual Membership Grades

Most members hold positions as Medical Physicists or Biomedical Engineers. In general, Medical Physicists have tertiary qualifications in physics whereas Biomedical Engineers have tertiary qualifications in engineering. Medical Physicists frequently are involved in areas involving the use of ionizing radiation (e.g., radiology, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine) or non-ionizing radiation (e.g., lasers, UV) while Biomedical Engineers tend to work in areas involving the detection and processing of physiological signals, computer-based diagnosis and the development of medical equipment.

Membership is available at a number of different levels catering for those people with an interest in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to professionals working in the industry. Discounted membership is available for retired members and those on parental leave. If looking to apply for a discounted rate you must contact the office to discuss your application.

Affiliate member
This level of membership is for students, and others, interest in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, who do not currently have a tertiary qualification in a physical science or engineering. Affiliate Membership must be proposed by an Ordinary Member or Fellow, who does not have to know the candidate personally.

Associate member
This level of membership is for graduates with a relevant degree in physics or engineering, accepted by the College. Associates have to be proposed by an Ordinary Member or Fellow and supported by another Ordinary Member or Fellow. However, applicants for Associate membership who have been accepted onto the TEAP program do not require a proposer or supporter for their application.

Ordinary member
This level of membership is for graduates with a relevant degree in physics or engineering acceptable to the College, accompanied with few years of relevant experience. Applications for Ordinary Members have to be proposed by an Ordinary Member or Fellow and supported by another Ordinary Member or Fellow, who must know the member personally. Additional requirements include supportive reports from two referees and a CV from the applicant. We will approach your referees for this documentation at a later stage in the process.

Important: If applying for this grade of Membership you are asked to read the attached Guide to Ordinary Membership before you apply. Following this if you have any further queries you should contact the office directly before lodging your online application.

While there is a perception that it is difficult to achieve ordinary membership this is not necessarily the case. Assessment of an application is based around a points system for which you should achieve at least 10 points out of a possible 54 which should be quite feasible for most.Applicants who are upgrading from Associate membership and who hold a major certification are not required to have their qualifications verified, do not need to submit a CV and are also not required to have a proposer or supporter sign their application form.

To apply for membership, please go to How to Apply and click on the membership Type that you wish to apply for.

Fellow member
Fellowship is open to those members who, in the opinion of the Council, have made an outstanding contribution to engineering or physical science applied to medicine. The College considers that a very high standard of scientific achievement or professional responsibility is necessary to justify election to the grade of Fellow. Council will therefore require the demonstration of a high standard of attainment in the provision and management of services or education and training as well as contributions to research and development, which will provide evidence of outstanding ability in the professional application of science or engineering. Candidates will be judged in three main areas of achievement. These are research and development, work responsibility and professional contribution. See the Guide to Applying for Fellowship for more information. Please note that you cannot apply online for this Membership type or for Life Membership, which is directly bestowed.

Further information on all available memberships can be obtained by emailing the ACPSEM Office or calling us on +61 (0) 2 8305 3900