Nuclear Medicine

About the Nuclear Medicine Speciality Group

Our Mission

• To provide a strong, cohesive driving force for the management of nuclear medicine physics profession.
• To provide proper professional standards of work and safe practice for the benefit of the public and the environment.

You can find the complete Terms of Reference here Mission

The Nuclear Medicine specialty group has an annual formal meeting as part of the EPSM conference. Additional meetings are held as required. Generally meetings will be by teleconference unless otherwise arranged. Advice on teleconferencing will occur prior to meetings.

Organisational line of Responsibility
Responsible to the ACPSEM Council via the Chair of Specialties (typically the Vice President)

To cooperate with governing bodies that regulate, control or utilise the ACPSEM specialist activities.
To make recommendations to the Nuclear medicine Accreditation Panel on entry standards, training programs, accreditation processes and professional competence.
To collaborate with other medical or scientific professions as needed.
Provide leadership in the organisation of learning, promotion and implementation of Nuclear Medicine Physics related issues.
To act for the benefit and protection of the public, initiate policies or protocols to improve technical standards, methodology and professional standards of best practice.
To encourage continuing professional competence and development (CPD) of members in the specialty.
To encourage review of the specialty and seek improvement in direction and initiatives.
To facilitate the interfacing and coordination of activities which foster relationships with groups external to the ACPSEM but with common interests to those of the specialty group (eg ARPS , Society for Nuclear Medicine, IEAust (CBME) and SMBEs, RANZCR and AIR)

The Roles and Responsibilities of Nuclear Medicine Physicists

The Nuclear Medicine Physicist is an essential member of the multi-professional team responsible for the design and delivery of nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment. The roles and responsibilities of a Nuclear Medicine Physicist are described here.

The current Chair of the Nuclear Medicine SG is Andy Young. For more information please contact the ACPSEM Office at