Radiation Oncology

About the Radiation Oncology Specialty Group

Our Mission:

  • To provide a strong, cohesive driving force for the management of radiation oncology medical physics profession.
  • To provide proper professional standards of work and safe practice for the benefit of the public and the environment.

Organisational line of Responsibility:

Responsible to ACPSEM Council via the Chair of Specialties (typically the Vice President)


  • Develop and update position papers, Australian and New Zealand standards and other documents considered relevant to the responsibilities
  • of this group.
  • Establish regular communication to the radiation oncology medical physics community via internet and other reporting systems.
  • Promote training, accreditation and registration requirements of the radiation oncology medical physics community.
  • Establish subcommittee's as required to further develop or foster communication with relevant organisations.

Additional information on the radiation oncology specialty group can be found in the Duties and Guidelines for ACPSEM officer's document.

The current Chair of the Radiation Oncology SG is Mario Perez. For further information please contact the ACPSEM Office at admin.support@acpsem.org.au