About the Radiation Specialty Group


  • To advise the ACPSEM Council on all matters relevant to radiology
  • To coordinate the ACPSEM activities in radiology
  • To provide support to the Committees and Boards of the ACPSEM on matters pertinent to radiology.
  • To promote membership participation in the operation and activities of the Radiology Speciality Group.
  • To facilitate the interfacing and coordination of activities which foster relationships with groups external to the ACPSEM but with common interests to those of the radiology speciality group (eg ARPS , RANZCR and AIR)


  • present a definitive position on the quality assurance of diagnostic radiological equipment to the College
  • determine reference doses for radiographic procedures
  • participate in the determination of a code of practice for radiation protection
  • provide a forum for networking between medical physicists interested in diagnostic radiology

The current Chair of the Radiology SG is Dr John Burrage.

For further information please contact the ACPSEM Office at