About the University Specialty Group.

The ACPSEM University Speciality Group is primarily for ACPSEM members who are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate medical physics and biomedical engineering programs.

The aims and objectives of the University Speciality Group are:

  • To advise the ACPSEM on matters of interest and relevance to universities.
  • To make representation and recommendations via the Chair to the Professional Standards Board on matters relevant to universities including entry standards, training programs, accreditation processes and professional competence.
  • To collaborate with other medical or scientific professions and societies and to facilitate the interfacing and coordination of activities which foster relationships with groups external to the ACPSEM but with common interests to those of the specialty group such as the Australian Institute of Physics.
  • Provide leadership in the organisation of teaching, learning and professional development.
  • Provide leadership and guidance on matters concerning basic scientific research and the development, transfer and implementation of technology in healthcare.
  • To promote and strengthen both education and research links between the universities and the healthcare industry.
  • To act for the benefit and protection of the public, initiate policies or protocols to improve scientific and technical standards, methodology and professional standards of best practice.
  • To encourage continuing professional competence and development of members in the specialty

The current Chair of the University SG is Andrew Fielding. If you are interested in being involved with this group please contact the ACPSEM Office at