Values and Purpose

BenKeir P Phantom PhysicistsACPSEM members are medical physicists, biomedical engineers and radiopharmaceutical science whose values are striving together to:

  • Create the best patient outcomes through the advanced, professional, tested and safe application of science and engineering
  • Provide a framework and environment to facilitate appropriately qualified professionals carrying out their duties in the best interest of the patients and in line with the code of conduct, including routine clinical tasks, research and innovation, teaching and advancement of the profession and the field of medical physics

Through their College, the members aim to:

  • Promote and further the development of the physical sciences and engineering in medicine and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst members of the ACPSEM and others concerned with medicine and related subjects
  • Hold annual conferences (these are organised annually as both a main Australasian Conference and as Branch Conferences)
  • Promote and encourage education and training in the physical sciences and engineering in medicine
  • Speak on behalf of physical scientists and engineers in Australia and New Zealand on matters relating to the application of physical sciences and engineering to medicine and the betterment of our nations’ health
  • Improve and extend the scientific and technical knowledge and skills of persons engaged in physical sciences and engineering in medicine

Membership to ACPSEM is open all year round.

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Ben Keir "Phantom Physicists". Category: People's Choice aka "Public PiMP" Award

Ben Keir "Phantom Physicist". Category Professionals at work