Women in Science Engineering & Medicine

ACPSEM strongly supports the need to improve opportunities for women in science and engineering in medicine in Australasia and globally. During EPSM 2015, ACPSEM members will be presented with research conducted throughout the year on the current challenges, feelings, perceptions and statistics of the Australasian medical physics workforce.

Updated information will be posted in this area after the EPSM Conference.

The International Union of Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine made women in medical physics a key focus on their international congress in 2015, and provide a list of organisations supporting women in physical and engineering sciences in medicine in Australia and NZ.

A new service for researchers looking to improve the gender balance and coverage of their research, called Gendered Innovations, is now available. The service aims to add valuable dimensions to research, and connect sex and gender analysis to innovation and discovery.

The Women in Science Australia Blog and website is increasingly active and improving as a resource. The Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Group have a blogsite with regular posts.


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