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Better Healthcare Technology Foundation - 2020 Board

Over the past few months, a number of changes have taken place within the Better Healthcare Technology Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation aim to support initiatives in physics, engineering and associated sciences in medicine that engender new technology. This is to enable higher quality healthcare techniques and better outcomes for patients and their communities.

The BHT Foundation are pleased to announce new and renewed Board Directors for 2020, who are as follows:

Ms Anna Ralston Foundation Board Chair
Mr Simon Downes Board Member
Dr Martin Ebert Board Member and ACPSEM Representative
Ms Michaela Lauren Board Member
Mr Peter McGee Board Member
Dr Lyn Oliver Board Member
Dr Howell Round Board Member
Dr Alison Scott Board Member
Ms Susie Zhong Foundation Administrative Secretary

Anna Ralston has been appointed as a Chairperson for 12 months, and the Board welcomes three new additions: Peter McGee, Martin Ebert (ACPSEM Representative) and Alison Scott.

The focus for the Board in the short-to-medium term will be on looking at ways of providing online training resource materials for radiation unit staff in local and overseas under-resourced teaching hospitals. This is as an alternative to The Foundation's prior overseas volunteering assignments within the Asia-Pacific region which have been put on hold due to travel restrictions throughout the region.

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