Enhancing TEAP Registrar Training - ACPSEM ProKnow Planning and Contouring Challenges

Enhancing TEAP Registrar Training

The Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) Training Education and Assessment Program (TEAP) is taking a dynamic step forward by introducing a series of ProKnow planning and contouring challenges across Australia and New Zealand.

These challenges are designed to foster a culture of continuous learning among the TEAP Registrars while providing an opportunity for active engagement from supervisors and trainers.

The ProKnow platform will serve as the crucible for running a set of plan challenges that are crucial for registrars to qualify. It will also enable training coordinators to acquire longitudinal data, shedding light on the candidates' progress throughout the program. This data will be instrumental in assessing the relevance of the curriculum to the practical training being conducted across ANZ, as evidenced by the progression in skills and understanding.

To participate, registrars must:
  • Undertake a pre-exercise survey.
  • Contour selected Organs at Risk (OARs) on a given dataset. All contours are done within the ProKnow Platform,
  • Develop a treatment plan according to the instructions of a case study.
  • Compile a report as per the case study guidelines.
  • Upload the RT Plan, RT Dose, and Report to ProKnow.
  • Complete a post-exercise survey.

For supervisors, these challenges offer an invaluable opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Each challenge is designed to replicate real-life scenarios, prompting discussions of similar cases in clinical settings and encouraging registrars to apply their knowledge practically. Furthermore, the integration of peer review or expert feedback sessions will enrich the learning experience, allowing registrars to gain insights into various perspectives and approaches to treatment planning.

This holistic approach ensures that not only are our registrars equipped with the theoretical knowledge but they are also adept at applying it in real-world situations, thus ensuring the highest standards of patient care in the field of radiation oncology medical physics.

Key Dates:




05/12/23 – 09/02/24

OAR Contouring – ALL Registrars

18/12/23 – 18/02/24

Plan Challenge – open for download


Plan Challenge – Open for Metrics Evaluation


Plan Challenge – submissions open


Plan Challenge – submissions close

Extended to 25/2/24

[was 18/2/24]


19/02/24 – 23/03/24

Results shared with participants

April 2024

For all information please contact:

Michael Bailey
ROMP TEAP Coordinator

e: Michael.Bailey@acpsem.org.au| ph: +61 2 8305 3900 | w: www.acpsem.org.au

The Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine
Suite 7.12, Aero247 Building | 247 Coward St | Mascot, NSW, 2020 | Australia

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