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Consultant Medical Physics Specialist Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) | Health Stem Solutions, Melbourne, VIC

Post date : 22 June 2022
Close date : 15 July 2022
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Job Description

An opportunity to join a dynamic and fast-growing group of medical physics consultants and technical officers

Consultant Medical Physics Specialist – Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) CMPS-1-2-062022

We are seeking an ACPSEM qualified medical physics specialist in Nuclear Medicine with the willingness to cross-train to provide routine services in Radiology under appropriate guidance. The position is flexible and an ACPSEM registered medical physics specialist in Radiology with an interest in nuclear medicine would also be considered. ACPSEM TEAP Registrar’s nearing completion of the training program are also invited to apply.

The position is full-time however a part-time (~0.6-0.8 FTE) appointment would be considered. This position is mainly based at Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, as well as working at client sites. Our work model allows work from home and flexible working hours.

About Us

Medical Physics Specialists is part of Health STEM Solutions. We are clinically experienced qualified medical physics specialists. We work with organisations to ensure medical radiation users are safe, compliant with regulations and supported to achieve clinical best practice.

We adopt a holistic view to ensure we understand organisational needs and priorities across the clinical, technical, and business domains. Our customers are diverse and range from public and private healthcare providers, research organisations, medical device manufacturers, and engineering firms.

We pride ourselves on being effective communicators and translators across these domains, providing pragmatic and practical advice, while striving for optimal efficiency without taking short-cuts. Everything that we do is patient centric, and our top priority is to contribute to optimising patient outcomes for our clients.

Role Summary

The Consultant Medical Physics Specialist (CMPS Level 1) works independently as an ACPSEM qualified medical physics specialist in the Medical Physics Specialists team, within the policy and procedure framework of Health STEM Solutions. This includes both setting service delivery requirements and directing medical radiation technical officers (MRTO), as well as directly delivering medical physics services for clients in radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology. This may include regulatory advice, routine data collection and presentation, dosimetry calculation, physics equipment support, quality system and records management, the use of both clinical information systems and clinical imaging/treatment systems.

A Level 1 CMPS is expected to work with a degree of autonomy for routine tasks and to provide appropriate guidance and support to MRTO staff. Interactions with clients for the provision of professional consultant advice is an expectation of the role.

Independent travel to/from and work at client sites will be required, and may include regional and interstate, including overnight stays. This generally requires independent transport (i.e.: motor vehicle and driver’s licence) to access client sites with the necessary medical physics equipment. Independent work on weekends or outside of normal business hours may sometimes be required.

From time to time, participation in similar activities but with broader scope across healthcare may be required for Health STEM Solutions clients.

For more information about the role, please contact:

John Kenny
Managing Director & Principal Consultant
P: +61 3 8638 0105

Amanda Perdomo
Senior Consultant Medical Physics Specialist – Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)
P: +61 3 9453 2815

The complete position description can be downloaded from our website careers page.

Please submit your application via the online form for the position “Consultant Medical Physics Specialist – Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) CMPS-1-2-062022”

Applications Close: Friday 15 July 2022, 5pm

Job Requirement

Minimum Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree in Physics, Engineering, Mathematics or similar Degree in Science (as recognised by ACPSEM for enrolment in the medical physics training program – TEAP).
  • Registration on the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physicists for the appropriate specialty.
  • Hold or be eligible to hold:
    • A Victorian Department of Health Radiation Use Licence (and equivalent in other states).
    • A Victoria Department of Health “Approved Medical Physicist for the Purposes of the RPS8 Code” for radiology & nuclear medicine (and equivalents in other states).
    • ACPSEM Certification in Position Emission Tomography Acceptance Testing and QC.
    • A Victoria Department of Health “Testers Approval” for prescribed radiation sources (and equivalents in other States).
    • A valid driver’s licence.

  • Experience in radiation shielding design and verification, in particular nuclear medicine and PET facilities.
  • Ability to complete routine work independently and provide routine direction to Medical Radiation Technical Officers.
  • Ability to lift or move basic medical physics and scientific equipment (with appropriate aids) for transport and when conducting measurements.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially with respect to technical writing.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • A high level of skill with Microsoft Office 365 applications, in particular Word and Excel.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Working knowledge of modern programming languages such as C#, C++, python, JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft 365 data analysis, app design and automation tools (e.g.: PowerBI, Power Automate, Power Apps/Power Platform).
  • ACPSEM Certification in Mammography Equipment Testing.

Company Details

** For those interested and qualified candidates, please contact the contact person directly.

Medical Physics Specialists, Health STEM Solutions

Suite 24, Level 2 5 Everage Street Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Contact Person : John Kenny | Managing Director Principal Consultant
Contact Number : +61 3868 0105
Contact Email :
Company Website :

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