Awards and Prizes

THe awards and prizes offered by the acpsem are sponsored by the acpsem medical research foundation.

ACPSEM Distinguished Service Award

This award acknowledges a member who has made an outstanding contibution to the the College, generally over many years. The award was established in 2001.

Award Recipients: John Coles, Lee Collins, John Heggie, John Drew, Robert Fitchew, Lyn Oliver, Ian Smith, Howell Round, Tomas Kron and Eva Bezak.

Boyce Worthley Young Achiever Award

This prize honours one of the founding members of the College, Boyce Worthley, who was a senior physicist with the Anti Cancer Foundation, Adelaide. He became the College's first Life Member. This prize is awarded to a younger member of the College for a significant contribution to the profession of physical and engineering sciences in medicine, generally with several publications in refereed journals as a primary author.

This award covers the expenses of registration and travel to the next College's annual conference as an invited speaker. The intent of this award is to recognise achievement for outstanding work and to encourage such members to stay in the profession. Past recipients of the award have included, Phillip Bones, Lorraine Holley, Marienne Hibbert, Dale Bailey, Richard Jones, Peter Metcalfe, Aina Puce, Geoff Tansley, Richard Fright, Steven Meikle, Tomas Kron, Peter Hoban, Martin Ebert, Paul Keall, Martin Butson, Lois Holloway, Lisa Duggan, Loredana Marcu, Zoe Brady and Michael Taylor.

Branch Travel Grants

The purpose of these grants is to encourage young members or affiliates of the College who might otherwise have difficulty attending the annual conference.

Recipients are part sponsored to attend the College conference to present a paper. Calyn Moulton of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA, and James Talbot of Auckland City Hospital, NZ, were the recipients of these awards in 2014.

David Robinson Innovation Prize

This prize commemorates David Robinson AM, ACPSEM President 1986-1987, an engineer who pioneered work in the field of diagnostic ultrasound.

This annual prize is awarded to assist a member, of any grade, to attend the EPSM conference to present a paper detailing innovative work related to diagnostic imaging or biomedical engineering. Nicholas Hardcastle, of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, was the recipient of this award in 2013.

Kenneth Clarke Journal Prize

The prize is to be awarded annually for the best paper on original work published in the Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine authored by a member of the ACPSEM.

The value of the prize is $500. The Journal Editor makes the selection with the assistance of the Associate Editors.

Richard Bates Travel Scholarship

This scholarship honours the College's third President, Richard Bates, who was Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. His particular expertise was in the field of signal and image processing, and he supervised more than 50 masters and doctoral students, many of whom are current College members.

The scholarship is awarded to assist a physical scientist or engineer to undertake a period of study or carry out a research project overseas. The scholarship is awarded to members whose projects are perceived to be of broad benefit to the College or the profession of physical and engineering sciences in medicine. The intent of this award is to advance research in medical physics or biomedical engineering.

The maximum value of the Scholarship is $5000. Past recipients of the scholarship have investigated high doserate brachytherapy, pharyngeal pressure-flow data, PACS, and microbeam radiation therapy. In 2008 Dale Bailey, from the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney,received this scholarship to assist his visit to the memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre to study radiation doses from CT and SPECT. In 2009 Benjamin Khoo, was awarded the Scholarship to further his studies into bone mineral density as derived from dual energy x-ray absorptiometry scanners. In 2011 Tomas Kron was awarded the scholarship to study volumetric arc therapy at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland.