Professional Standards Board

About the PSB

The Professional Standards Board (PSB) establishes, and works to maintain, the professional standards for ACPSEM accredited members. It manages the overall training, education and appeals processes for medical physicists and biomedical engineers participating in the accreditation and CPD programs.Anite Adhitya "Ferrofluid"

The following are the responsibilities of the Professional Standards Board:

  • To advise the ACPSEM on training and educational matters.
  • To coordinate and oversee all ACPSEM accreditation and CPD programs.
  • To consider reports from each Panel Chairman.
  • To ensure, wherever possible, that the certification programs have a common framework of standards, education and training.
  • To promote (via the CPD Coordinator) further education for members.
  • To liaise with educational institutions and professional bodies on education and training matters.
  • To co-opt outside experts or specialists when required to meet the Board’s aims.
  • To coordinate the maintenance and improvement of professional standards in the specialities.
  • To annually review the Board’s practice and achievements and report to Council.
  • To regularly report to Council on progress, resolutions and recommendations.
  • To report to the members on PSB activities.

Further Information


CPD Committee is a subcommittee of Professional Standards Board (PSB). Please click here to find out more information about CPD Committee

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