ACPSEM Fees & Policies


Each year, ACPSEM re-examines fees and charges that will be applied for its services.

Please see the full list of current fees.


Refunds Policy

The ACPSEM does not generally undertake refunds and returns other than when required to do so by Australian or NZ legislative requirements.

Membership Fees
As fees are only accepted once a membership application has been approved, the ACPSEM does not refund membership fees or partial refunds. Unsuccessful applications do not incur a fee.

TEAP fees are not refundable other than in the following circumstances: Enrolees finishing TEAP during a year in which they’ve paid their annual fee, will be entitled to pro rata fee refunds from the end of the month in which they receive notification of successful completion of all exams.

Assessment Fees
The ACPSEM charges fees for a number of applications that require assessment, including but not limited to: Applications for the ACPSEM Registers of Medical Physics and Radiopharmaceutical Science; Degree assessment; applications for General Skilled Migration Assessments; TEAP enrolments and other assessments. Where assessment is required and a fee charged, the ACPSEM will not accept cancellations or provide refunds once the required documentation has been lodged and the assessment process has commenced.

Events, training course and other programs
The ACPSEM will only refund fees charged for events, training courses, online activities or other programs in the event of cancellation and subject to any terms and conditions that apply to the specific event, training course, online activity or program. If specific conditions do not apply, refunds for cancellations and withdrawals will only be considered when sufficient notice has been given, being at least 1 week prior to commencement.

The ACPSEM will consider individual cases for reimbursement on all other fees. If for any reason ACPSEM is unable to deliver an agreed service then a refund of the proportion of fees paid for services not delivered will be considered. These refunds can only be approved by the Honorary Treasurer. The ACPSEM reserves the right to reject an application for a refund.

ACPSEM Medical Research Foundation
Donations to the ACPSEM Medical Research Foundation are not refundable unless required by Australian or NZ legislation. The Foundation reserves the right to accept, reject or refund donations. The Foundation may make the decision to refund or reject a donation, in full or in part, at any time and in its own complete discretion.


For further information regarding ACPSEM policies, procedures and pricing, please contact the Deputy General Manager on +61 (02) 8305 3900 or email