Certification and Registration


Why become certified?

Medical Physicists are certified for the purpose of ensuring standards of safety, quality assurance and regulatory compliance are met.

Individual certification

Certifications in Medical Physics are provided by the ACPSEM in three specialities: Radiation Oncology (ROMP), Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Each of these specialties has a certification panel that assess applications for certification against standards set by the relevant specialty group. In 2015 ACPSEM will also be offering certification in Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS).

ACPSEM is a joint sponsor of the Certification in Radiation Protection offered by The Australasian Radiation Protection Accreditation Board (ARPAB).

For more information regarding Certification in Radiation Protection, please visit the ARPAB website.

International applicants

Each specialty has their own policy regarding certification of internationally trained medical physicists. An international applicant will generally be required to have a postgraduate degree in Medical Physics, to submit a portfolio of work as evidence of equivalent training and experience required of an ACPSEM Cerified Medical Physicist. They may also be required to sit and pass a written exam and a practical or exam.


The ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists (the Register) is intended to guard against unsafe, incompetent and unethical practice in Medical Physics and Radiopharmeceutical Science. While not legally required in Australia and New Zealand, it is the position of the ACPSEM that all Medical Physicists, excluding Medical Physics registrars, should be listed on the Register.

To this end, we recommend that registration be listed as an essential criterion for all new Medical Physics Specialist positions. All staff currently employed at this level should be encouraged to join the Register.

To access information on entry to the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physicists or to the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Radiopharmaceutical Scientists, please visit here.

Looking to become certified or seek registration? Please contact the ACPSEM office. Enquiries should be directed to:

Angela Wong, TEAP Development
Ph: +61 (0) 2 8305 3904
Fax: +61 2 9693 5145
Email Angela