Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

There are two key purposes of the ACPSEM CPD system; to engage ACPSEM members in the practice of life-long learning, strengthening a commitment to improve professional standing, standards and safety for the benefit of the individual, profession, and protection of the public and, to maintain currency and relevance of knowledge and skills in the profession and ensure practice is professionally sound.


  • To provide advice and guidance to ACPSEM members in identifying their professional development needs.
  • To encourage ACPSEM members to engage in life-long learning.
  • To establish a credible mechanism by which members receive formal recognition for participation in CPD activities and thereby demonstrating their commitment to the profession, the patients, the public and their employers.
  • To demonstrate to employers the importance, professional requirement and expectation of professionals in active CPD engagement.
  • To maintain the highest professional standards of its members and protecting the public.
  • To enhance the status of physical scientists and engineers.
  • To increase the likelihood of external regulatory bodies recognizing ACPSEM registration and certification.


ACPSEM members will be provided with:

  • A comprehensive CPD system in line with other global health industry CPD system standards, and receive global recognition for our CPD program.
  • Tools to identify individual professional development needs and to track progress.
  • Online CPD opportunities.
  • An outline of the level of CPD required by professionals.
  • Recommendations for CPD opportunities through courses being assessed in the CPD system’s endorsement process.
  • A regular audit of participants and providers for quality assurance.

All physical scientists, radiopharmaceutical scientist and engineers in medicine are eligible to participate in the ACPSEM CPD system.

Participation is not limited by country or membership status. Participation fees depend on status.