CPD Audit

CPD Audit 

It is compulsory for Qualified Medical Physics Specialists to maintain a prescribed CPD points score to remain on the Register as administered by the ACPSEM CPD Coordinator.  

The purpose of auditing participants is to ensure standards and records are maintained and the CPD system is meeting participants' needs. The CPD Committee will randomly select 20% of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists and perform comprehensive audits of activities and documentation annually.  

When selected for Auditing, the participants wil be requested to provide the CPD Committee with details and supporting documentation for activities completed in the required period. Documentation should reflect the records kept on the CPD Tracker (or other recording method). 

The CPD Committee will review all submitted evidence and produce a feedback report with recommendations.  This report will be shared with the participant and follow up action will be carried out if required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question One:  I was under the impression that the CPD requirement was voluntary for Qualified Medical Physics Specialists.  Is it compulsory?

Answer:  The CPD requirement is compulsory for Qualified Medical Physics Specialists to maintain their registration. Upon your application to be listed on the register, you have agreed to meet one of the conditions concerning your CPD compliance: 

“While listed on register, I shall maintain a prescribed CPD points score to remain on the Register as administered by the ACPSEM CPD Coordinator.”

This statement is included on both new and old application forms.

Question Two:  What are the supporting documents/ evidence I need to prepare or upload for the upcoming CPD Audit?

Answer:  You can refer to the CPD User Handbook, which has all essential information that you would need for your CPD Compliance.  The Handbook is available via the CPD Tracker page on the ACPSEM Website, or you can click here to download.  

Question Three:  What are the special circumstances where I can apply for audit exemption?

Answer:  If you are currently on maternity leave or suffering from long term illness, the CPD Committee will consider exempting you from the audit for the current year.  A formal letter with evidence must be provided to the CPD Committee should you want to apply for exemption.

Kindly note that workload or other commitments will not be considered as grounds for audit exemption. If you are back from your maternity leave/ long term sick leave, you will not be exempted from the current year audit.   However, the Committee will consider reduction in required points for your maternity period or long term sick leave period and the total CPD requirement will be pro-rata’d.

Question Four:  What happens if I don’t have sufficient CPD activities upon audit?  What happens if I have more than enough CPD points but haven’t got the time to enter these activities in the CPD tracker upon audit?

Answer: Participants who are deemed to have insufficient CPD activities, when deemed appropriate shall be given six months in which to comply with CPD requirements.  If after this extension, the participants remains non-compliant, they will be removed from the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists.

Question Five:  What happens if I’ve already kept my CPD record with AAPM or IPEM or other organisations? 

Answer:  Where you are already keeping a CPD record in the required format of another institution, such as the AAPM, it is not required that they maintain a separate record with the ACPSEM provided that the CPD System meets or exceeds the requirements of the ACPSEM. In this case you must ensure the record you are keeping is suitable and registered and approved by the CPD Coordinator. 

When you are selected for the Audit, all records must be available for examination and in ACPSEM format.

Keeping CPD records with another organisation or being audited by another organisation do not form reasonable grounds for ACPSEM CPD Audit Exemption.

Question Six: What is my rolling period and how does my pro-rata CPD requirement points are calculated for 2016 CPD Audit? 
Answer: The start date of the rolling period is the later of the date when the QMPS was listed on the Register (Date of registration on the participant list excel) or 1st April 2012. For instance, if Tom was listed on the Register on 1st May 2010, the start date of his rolling period is 1st April 2012. If Tom was listed on the Register on 1st May 2015, the start date of his rolling period is 1st May 2015.

We pro-rata the CPD requirement based on the end date 31 August 2016.  If your start date of the rolling period is: 
•       Between January and August, we will count the starting year requirement 
•       Between September and December, we will not count the starting year requirement.

For instance, if Tom’s start date of the rolling period was 20th July 2012, his CPD requirement is 200 points (50 points*4 years, starting from 2012).  If Tom’s start date was 30th October 2012, his CPD requirement is 150 points (50 points *3 years, starting from 2013).

 If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the CPD Committee via cpd@acpsem.org.au