CPD Endorsement


The purpose of the ACPSEM CPD system is to engage members in the practice of life-long learning strengthening a commitment to improve professional standing, standards and safety for the benefit of the individual, profession and protection of the public.

One of the specific objectives of the ACPSEM CPD system is “Recommendations for CPD opportunities through courses being assessed in the CPD system’s endorsement process”.

Endorsement provides recognition of quality CPD activities applicable to the ACPSEM CPD participants.

Benefits of Endorsement

  • Advertising and promotion to the ACPSEM members and on the ACPSEM website
  • Use of the ACPSEM CPD- approved logo in course promotion
  • More CPD points awarded than non-endorsed courses

Types of Endorsement

There are two different types of endorsement available:

  • One-Off Event - Courses or activities which are delivered only once. This type of endorsement is suitable for activities like conferences, workshops, guest lecture or symposiums.
  • 12-Month Endorsement – Courses or activities delivered multiple times in a 12-month period. The format, theme, speaker/s, assessment must remain constant. This endorsement is used for national touring workshops or formal education courses which has multiple intakes.

CPD Categories

Approved Scientific Meeting: this category refers to conferences, scientific meetings, seminars, workshops and forums for CPD purpose.

Informal Meeting: this category refers to short meetings of 1-2 hours in length with a scientific and/or professional learning component.

Publishing: the publishing category refers to authoring or editing of formal and published documents. It includes journal articles, books and grant applications.

Professional services: this category awards CPD credits for activities that contribute to the development of physical science, radiopharmaceutical science and engineering in medicine professions.

Education: this category refers to courses, seminars and workshops that have a specific educational aim. It includes university courses, conference workshops and equipment vendor training.

Self-structured Study: this category refers to activitis that are undertaken on an individual basis. Journal reading and participation on structured self-directed programs are included.


To obtain endorsement, a representative of the event must apply using the Endorsement Form. The application will then be assessed by the CPD Coordinator based on the CPD value of the course considering the following aspects:

  • Content
  • Presenters
  • Time
  • Location
  • Target audience

Applicants will be notified of the outcome within six weeks of submission receipt for the application. If approved for endorsement, the applicant will be sent an invoice for the endorsement fee.

Upon receipt of payment, the ACPSEM CPD-approved logo will be given to be used on the advertisements for the CPD event. The event is required to abide by all terms and conditions outlined for endorsement.

Provider Audit

The ACPSEM CPD Committee will perform random reviews on endorsed activities to ensure quality of the ACPSEM endorsement. As part of the endorsement process, providers agree to the terms and conditions.

Provider reviews may be performed by participant feedback and/or review of content material. The ACPSEM will ensure that the terms and conditions outlined for endorsement are adhere to and the described activities put forward in the application was accurate.

If a provider is found to be non-compliant to the terms and conditions, the provider may find it more difficult to apply for future endorsement and the matter may be escalated as appropriate.

Endorsement fees

A set of endorsement fees are listed in the table below. The fee covers the cost of assessment, administration and advertising associated with the endorsement. The fee is payable upon successful endorsement of a course.

The fee is charged per course, not per applicant or application. A 10% discount is applicable to company associate members.

The endorsement fee applies to the year in which the event will be held, not the year of application. If fees for the year of event have not been publicly released, please contact the CPD Coordinator via education@acpsem.org.au

ACPSEM Event Endorsement  2016 Fee (ex GST) 2016 Fee ( inc GST)
- One-off event 369.00 405.90
- One-off event (company member) 318.00 349.80
- Annual endorsement 605.00 665.50
- Annual endorsement (company member) 544.00 598.40


To download the Endorsement Form, please click here. Please email your completed form and any supporting documents to education@acpsem.org.au.