DI Certification Panel

The Executive Members of the Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel are:

Chair: Donald McLean
Chair, Radiology Certification Sub-Panel: Daniel Schick
Chair, Nuclear Medicine Certification Sub-Panel: Leighton Barnden
Radiology Member: TBA
Nuclear Medicine Member: Marissa Bartlett

The panel would like to extend its thanks to its inaugural chair, Paul Cardew, who has recently stepped down after establishing the panel and overseeing the introduction of DIMP TEAP.

Radiology Panel Members

Daniel Schick
Donald McLean
John Heggie
Anthony Wallace
Lee Collins
John Le Heron
Alex Mitchell
John Poletti
Luke Wilkinson

Nuclear Medicine Panel Members

Leighton Barnden
Marissa Bartlett
Andrew Campbell
Stefan Eberl
Roger Fulton
Richard Smart
John Cormack
Peter Collins