Professional Standards

ACPSEM members are health professionals who strongly believe in providing patients with the best possible outcomes. The foundations for achieving this are established through professional standards, that drive the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the work our members undertake to the highest achievable levels consistent with the patient situation, available facilities and treatment requirements.

The ACPSEM takes responsibility for the continuing review, improvement and updating of professional standards applied to medical physics, biomedical engineering and radiopharmaceutical science, as well as contributing to overall patient and professional standards in the fields in which our members work. Our professional standards cover elements such as quality assurance, patient dosimetry, treatment planning and delivery, facility management, radiation safety and incident management.

We work with bodies including the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, the Australian Institute of Radiography, ARPANSA and many other groups and government bodies, to help establish the standards that will be applied in radiation therapy and diagnostic and interventional imaging.

We have a sophisticated system of self-regulation, peer review through specialty groups, the establishment of the Professional Standards Board and Certification Panels, the provision of voluntarily provided expert guidance and opinion, and multi-disciplinary working groups to ensure that professional standards are central to all of our work, including guiding the content of our educational programs.

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The ACPSEM Code of Ethics