Radiology Medical Physics Certification

There are currently two pathways to certification:

  • Radiological Physics examinations

This program is intended for experienced medical physicists. Further information on this program can be downloaded from here: Radiology Physics Certification - Candidate's Kit 2012

The Radiology Physics examination scheme will conclude at the end of 2016. Applications must be received by 30 April 2016 in order to be examined under this scheme. Written examinations are generally held in August and for those who pass this examination, they will sit the final practical/ oral examination before the end of the same year.

A new pathway for certification of experienced Radiology Medical Physicists is currently being developed by the Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel (DICP) under the Professional Standards Board. We expect that this pathway will be available later in 2015.

  • TEAP Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics (Radiology)

Physicists commencing employment after 2011 will be required to undertake the DIMP TEAP process to become certified. Further information can be found under TEAP DIMP