Achieving Certification as a ROMP

The Radiation Oncology Certification Panel (ROCP) is responsible for Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist certification.

There are two pathways to certification:

1. Certification in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics

This pathway applies to registrars enrolled in the ACPSEM Training, Education and Assessment Program (TEAP). TEAP commenced in 2004 and is the only means of attaining certification for people commencing work as trainees in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics in Australia or New Zealand from 1 January 2006.

Further information can be found under TEAP (Radiation Oncology)

2. Certification of Experienced ROMPs not Required to Enrol in TEAP

This pathway applies to experienced physicists with skills and qualifications gained overseas, and to those who commenced working as a ROMP in Australia or New Zealand prior to 1 January 2006. Please see the Policy for ACPSEM certification in radiation oncology medical physics for experienced ROMPs not enrolled in ACPSEM TEAP and the Application form for Certification for Experienced ROMPs. There is further guidance for applicants with outstanding achievements at an international level who are seeking certification under section 5.4 of the policy in Information for Experienced ROMPs seeking Certification on Merit.