The aim of this program is to provide training and education that enables a physicist to achieve the required knowledge and practical skills to be certified by the ACPSEM in radiation oncology medical physics.

To be enrolled in ROMP TEAP applicants will require:

  • An ACPSEM approved undergraduate degree majoring in physics or have an ACPSEM approved equivalent.
  • Acceptance into (or have completed) an ACPSEM accredited postgraduate degree course (Masters or higher) in medical physics, or an ACPSEM approved equivalent.
  • A registrar training position at an ACPSEM accredited radiation oncology medical physics department.

The program is expected to take between three to five years, depending on entry qualifications and achievements, and comprises:

  • An ACPSEM accredited postgraduate degree in Medical Physics.
  • Structured in-service clinical training working as a registrar in a radiation oncology department that has been accredited for the purpose of this training by the ACPSEM.
  • Research publication and presentation
  • Final examinations

The following document will help guide you through the ROMP TEAP and its requirements;

For further information please contact TEAP Development or the Medical Physicist Training Coordinator for ROMP.