Pathways to certification in Radiopharmaceutical Science

The Radiopharmaceutical Science Certification Panel (RPS-CP) is responsible for certification of Radiopharmaceutical Science Specialists. The RPS-CP review all applications, and if the applicant is competent in all required areas of knowledge, skill and experience, make recommendation to the Professional Standards Board (PSB) that the applicant be certified.

There are two pathways to certification:

  1. The RPS Training, Education and Assessment Program (RPS TEAP)

This pathway is available to scientists entering the discipline. The applicant applies to become a registrar enrolled in the program. The applicant must have a position within a department accredited to train RPSS, and be accepted into the program. Further information can be found under TEAP (Radiopharmaceutical Science)

2. Certification of Experienced RPS

This pathway is only available to those radiopharmaceutical scientists with a chemistry, pharmacy or pharmacology background, who are able to demonstrate a minimum of seven (7) years FTE work experience in the discipline of radiopharmaceutical science, and an appropriate postgraduate qualification. The CP may, at their discretion, allow experience relevant to the practice of RPS to count toward the requirements.

Further information on submission requirements is available in the document Application for Certification of Experienced Radiopharmaceutical Scientists.

Please contact angela.wong@acpsem.org.au if you have any questions.