Standards & Position Papers

The ACPSEM develops Standards and Position papers through its Specialty Groups and also works with other organisations to develop joint Practice Standards.

Radiation Oncology Practice Standards

These standards were developed by the Tripartite Committee, including members from RANZCR, AIR and ACPSEM. They are intended to guide those providing clinical services in radiation oncology based on the multi-disciplinary delivery of these services, rather than the traditional approach of providing standards based on the individual professions.The standards are designed to be applied throughout Australia and NZ (different versions have been published to take into account local legislation, regulations and rulings).

The ACPSEM strongly supports and encourages the adoption and implementation of the standards.

Radiation Oncology Practice Standards
Radiation Oncology NZ Practice Standards
Radiation Oncology Practice Standards Supplementary Guide
Radiation Oncology NZ Practice Standards Supplementary Guide

For more information on the Tripartite Radiation Oncology Practice standards, please visit the relevant RANZCR website page.


The Radiation Oncology Specialty Group (ROSG) publishes quality assurance papers on behalf of the ACPSEM. Currently there are two publications in the APESM Journal and others are being developed:


The ACPSEM has also published a number of position papers in Diagnostic Radiology:


In June 2014, ACPSEM developed and approved a position paper on the Roles and Responsibilities of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists. This paper is currently undergoing review as a result of feedback from ACPSEM members and their professional team members from the related professions.

ACPSEM Position Paper on the Roles and responsibilities of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists