Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS)

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Anita Adhitya "Ferrofluid 3"Radiopharmaceutical science is a multidisciplinary field, encompassing chemistry, physics and biology. It is the science of incorporating a suitable radionuclide into a pharmaceutical or other biologically active molecule in such a way as to enable it to trace or mimic certain in vivo physiological or biochemical processes. The resulting radiopharmaceuticals are used in diagnostic imaging or therapy of patients.

A Radiopharmaceutical Scientist (RPS) is a specialist professional with a chemistry, pharmacy or sciences background and is involved in the design, manufacture and analysis of radiopharmaceuticals. By utilising their scientific knowledge and analytical skills, RPSs also provide knowledge and guidance on the safe and efficacious use of these products to ensure their suitability for clinical use.

RPSs generally work in Nuclear Medicine departments, together with a team of specialist physicians, medical physicists, medical radiation scientists (nuclear medicine technologists) and nurses, all trained in the safe use of radionuclides for medical applications. RPSs may also work in commercial radiopharmacies, medical cyclotron facilities and research institutions.

A qualified RPS has postgraduate qualifications and suitable experience such that they are eligible for admission to the Register of Radiopharmaceutical Scientists administered by the Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM).

The RPS training, education and assessment program (TEAP), also administered by ACPSEM, guides a new university graduate through the required mentored work experience to become eligible for professional certification as a qualified RPS.

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