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The ACPSEM has a number of members who are actively involved in research projects. Some of them are funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), some via the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), others by the New Zealand government or privately funded research programs.

Paul White "Jelly Babies"If you are a member of the public, a student or someone who is interested in pursuing work in the research community and want more information about the type of work done by our people then contact our office on +61 2 9700 8522 or email and we will endeavour to put you in touch with an ACPSEM member who can advise you.

ACPSEM members who are interested in research collaboration can also contact the office so that we might help you identify members who may be able to assist you.

The following research projects will give you an idea of the diversity of the research that occurs in the medical physics and biomedical engineering related professions which is often called the 'physical sciences'.

  • Nanoparticle drug carriers for externally triggered and targeted chemotherapy Catalyst NSW Cancer Institute, 2014, Pilot and seed funding ($50000), Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
  • Rectal invivo radiotherapy dosimetry using a Fibre Optic Array, NHMRC Grant – awarded $468 425 over three years, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
  • Radiobiological Modeling for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, NSW Cancer Council 2009 (awarded $269 000 over three years), Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
  • Investigation of a new imaging device for radiation therapy dose delivery verification NHMRC (Project Grant), 2009-2011, P Greer, J Denham, C Baldock and Z Kuncic.
  • Modelling and Characterisation of Radiation Beams Used in Radiotherapy, ARC Linkage (co-funded by Wesley Research Institute) 2011 $456575 over 3 years. J. Trapp, C. Langton, R. Knight, J. Kenny, T. Kairn
  • Improving patient outcomes of radiotherapy treatments NHMRC (Project Grant), 2009-2011, A Fielding, P Metcalfe, P Greer, P Evans, B Burmeister and J Trapp.
  • Real-time dose monitoring for patient safety in radiation therapy, Cancer Council NSW (Project Grant), 2010-2012, P Greer, B McCurdy, C Baldock, Z Kuncic and J Denham.
  • A novel apparatus to perform in vivo anatomical and functional imaging of radioisotope labeled molecules in non-anaesthetized, non-restrained small animals U.S. Dept of Energy (Advanced Technology Development Program Grant) 2001-2008, Weisenberger A, Paulus M, Pomper M, Meikle S.
  • New Imaging Instrumentation and Algorithms for the Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Radio-labelled Probes in vivo Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant) 2006-2008, Meikle SR, Bailey DL, Banati RB.
  • Enabling Technologies for Motion Corrected Positron Emission Tomography (PET) of Unanaesthetized Laboratory Animals. Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant) 2006-2008, Fulton RR, Meikle SR, Banati RB.
  • A randomised trial of stereotactic versus conventional radiotherapy for inoperable stage IA non-small cell lung cancer (Cancer Australia Grant) 2009-2011, D Ball, T Kron, P Schofield, J Miller, M MacManus, B Solomon
  • A Randomized Trial of a Shorter Radiation Fractionation Schedule for the Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer (Cancer Australia Grant), 2009-2011, J Martin, T Kron, C Catton, P Warde
  • Analysis of low radiation dose outside of the treatment field delivered to cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. (NHMRC Project Grant), 2009-2011, T Kron, P Johnston, B Chua, D Willis, R Franich, A Wirth
  • High spatial resolution dosimetry for radioactive plaques used for radiotherapy of eye lesions (NHMRC Project Grant), 2009-2011, Rozenfeld A, Kron T, Conway M, Lerch M, Metcalfe P, Carolan M
  • Monitoring Tumour Movement During Radiotherapy by 4D Ultrasound Imaging, Cancer Australia 2009 $150000. C. Langton, J. Martin, B. Healy, M. Middleton, J. Trapp, A. Fielding
  • A prospective study investigating the impact of serial PET/CT scans on the radiation therapy treatment of patients with lung cancer (Victorian Cancer Agency Grant), 2008-2009, S. Everitt, M. MacManus, T. Kron, R. Hicks and M. Schneider-Kolsky
  • A randomized trial of shorter radiation fractionation schedule for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Grant), 2008, J. Martin, T. Kron, C. Catton and P. Warde
  • Reducing Adverse Side Effects in Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Wesley Research Institute 2008 $97647. D. Schlect, R. Knight, J. Trapp, A. Fielding, R. Franich, P. Johnston, C. Langton
  • A multicentre feasibility study of accelerated partial breast irradiation using three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy for early breast cancer (NH&MRC),B.Chua,T.Kron, G. Morgan, P. Schofield and D. Willis.
  • A prospective study investigating the impact of serial PET/CT scans on the radiation therapy treatment of patients with lung cancer (Victorian Cancer Agency), Rozenfeld A, Kron T, Conway M, Lerch M,
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Brain Function and Behaviour in Fully Conscious Laboratory Animals. Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant) 2009-2011, Meikle SR, Fulton RR, Banati RB.

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