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Celebrating Richard Dove | 2021 ACPSEM Distinguished Service Award

Richard Dove awarded the ACPSEM Distinguished Service Medal for 2021.

Usually we celebrate this award at EPSM, but due to the virtual format of last year's event, this announcement was instead made at the AGM for 2021. We regret that this significant announcement went without appropriate celebration.

The Distinguished Service Award acknowledges a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM), generally over many years.

Past recipients have been chosen for their significant contributions in enhancing the profile of physical scientists working in medicine amongst our professional colleagues as well as the broader community. While the part played by these people has been essential in establishing and cementing the long term security of the profession and -by inference- the ACPSEM, awards such as this can overlook those who have made an enormous contribution in ensuring the ACPSEM’s ‘health’ and prosperity is maintained. Without such dedication and commitment, ACPSEM cannot deliver the services to the profession of medical physics for which we are renowned.

Richard Dove is a key example of such a member, whithout whose efforts and commitment the ACPSEM would not be in a position to deliver on its objectives. For this reason, it was the Board of Director's privelege to award him with the 2021 Disinguished Services award.

For more than a decade Richard has played a key and significant role in the recent history of the ACPSEM, with active participation in a wide range of projects that have seen the College evolve from the member run organisation that it was 20 years ago to the professionally run body that it is today - offering training, registration and member support services across a number of subspecialties of physical sciences.

In particular, Richard has held senior positions on the ACPSEM Council and Board, including:
  • Treasurer: January-2009 until December-2017 (I believe this is the longest period of service in this position)
  • President: January-2018 until December-2020 (the first President to hold office for 3 years)
  • Board member: January-2021 to December 2021 (active on, or in support of, a number of committees including the PSB)

We note the key efforts of Richard as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Audit committee and the influence he had in this role, in reshaping the way the ACPSEM manages its finances. The work Richard contributed to in this role (if not drove) included involvement in updating the ACPSEM’s policies and procedures to reflect the requirements of the new constitution. This work included revision of the ACPSEM’s financial management practices.

Richard's 3 year tenure as President was a period of significant development of the ACPSEM as the governance changes brought about by the new constitution were integrated into the overall fabric of the ACPSEM. This was also a time, under Richard’s stewardship, that the APCSEM evolved its focus from physical scientists in the initial phase of their career (finding their way as registrars), to also support ACPSEM members in the early to mid-stages of their career. This has been achieved by revitalising a number of the professional aspects of the ACPSEM’s function, such as the specialty groups.

The DSA is intended to recognise those who have provided distinguished service to the ACPSEM. Richard Dove, though his contribution across many years, is a person that exemplifies the spirit of this award. Thank you and congratulations, Richard.

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