Career Prospects

The Australian and New Zealand Governments have been working with ACPSEM to attempt to address the chronic workforce shortages that exist in the fields of medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science. Engineers Australia has predicted a growing role for Biomedical/Clinical Engineering in Australia.

For more information about the fields of work and qualification requirements, see the information under WHAT OUR MEMBERS DO

As a result of the work of governments, ACPSEM and other bodies such as RANZCR and AIR, there is increasing competition for medical physics positions in certain parts of Australia and New Zealand, but shortages remain in other areas. However growth in both diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy procedures are expected to continue, along with continued personalisation of medicine and technological development. This all adds up to the likelihood of continuing high demand for qualified professionals.

If you are willing to travel even further, you will find that there are medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science workforce shortfalls globally, with very few countries having sufficient access to trained professionals. There is likely to be an increased demand for training and supervision expertise internationally, opening up further opportunities.

Health Workforce Australia conducted a study of the medical physics workforces in 2012. The results of this study can be found here.

You can find information about the current situation, workforce projections and plans for the future of radiation therapy in Australia and New Zealand at the Planning for the Best website, which holds the full Radiation Oncology Tripartite Strategic Plan. A workforce study conducted in 2012 can be found under Supporting Documents on that site.

Radiopharmaceutical Science is a very new professional. It is expected that current numbers will need to double over the next 5 - 10 years as workload increases.

In 2011, Engineers Australia produced a report called Crossroads looking at the future of clinical engineering in Australia.