Skills Assessment for General Skilled Migration Purposes

ACPSEM provides a skills assessment service to Medical Physicists wishing to migrate to Australia under a General Skilled Migration Visa.

Anyone applying for migration to Australia as a Medical Physicist (ANZSCO Code: 23914) under the General Skilled Migration categories must include a Skills Assessment from ACPSEM with their application to the Australian Department of Home Affairs. We are the only approved assessing authority for the Medical Physicist occupation category.

To receive a positive skills assessment, applicants must meet ACPSEM's English language requirements, and educational and professional requirements, as detailed in the General Skilled Migration Guidelines. The Guidelines document also further details the application and assessment procedures. Please ensure that you have read and understood these guidelines before choose to apply.

Please be aware that a successful outcome in your skills assessment does not guarantee you membership of the ACPSEM, inclusion on the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physicists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists, or employment in Australia as a Medical Physicist. It is also important to note that the skills assessment does not specifically address competency in a particular Medical Physics sub-discipline, and therefore cannot be used to support or endorse your proficiency in any single medical physics specialty.

ACPSEM cannot offer advice on applications for migration. All queries around migration must be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.

How to Apply


  1. Download and Complete the Application Form for Assessment as a Medical Physicist for Migration Purposes
  2. Collect and make copies of all necessary documents required to support your application. Have the copies of your identity documents, degree certificates and course transcripts certified and, if necessary, translated into English
  3. Navigate to the Application and Payment Portal on the ACPSEM website to begin your application. You will need to create an account with us to do so
  4. Upload your completed application form and supporting documents 
  5. Submit and pay for your application.


Important — Certified Copies of Supporting Evidence
In addition to uploading digital copies of your supporting documents (ID, educational transcripts and qualifications, english language test results, etc) with your online application, you must post certified hardcopies of these documents to our office. ACPSEM will not be able to process your application until it has received and verified these documents.
Please post your certified hard copies to:
ACPSEM - Skilled Migration Assessment
Suite 7.12  -  Aero 247
247 Coward Street
Mascot         NSW         2020


Once You Have Submitted your Application
You will be notified by email once we have received your application and all required supporting documents. Please allow up to eight weeks for your application to be assessed by the GSM Assessment Panel. ACPSEM will email you your formal skills assessment and application outcome.
Please note that there may be certain circumstances where the Assessment Panel will require further supporting evidence from you in order to comprehensively assess your application. Our office will contact you directly with any requests for this additional information. This may delay the time it takes to finalise your skills assessment outcome. 
Please call or email the ACPSEM office if you require any further information or assistance.  |  +61(0)2 8305 3901