Radiopharmaceutical Science

Radiopharmaceutical science is a multidisciplinary field, encompassing chemistry, physics and biology. It is the science of incorporating a suitable radionuclide into a pharmaceutical or other biologically active molecule in such a way as to enable it to trace or mimic certain in vivo physiological or biochemical processes. The resulting radiopharmaceuticals are used in diagnostic imaging or therapy of patients.

Radiopharmaceutical Scientists (RPS) are specialist professionals, with chemistry, pharmacy or sciences backgrounds, involved in the design, manufacture and analysis of radiopharmaceuticals. By utilising their scientific knowledge and analytical skills, RPSs provide knowledge and guidance on the safe and efficacious use of these products to ensure their suitability for clinical use.

The Radiopharmaceutical Science Training, Education and Assessment Program (RPS TEAP)

RPS TEAP is designed for university graduates wishing to enter into the clinical radiopharmaceutical science profession. The program is carefully designed and structured to equip participants with the required knowledge, practical skills and experience for ACPSEM Certification in Radiopharmaceutical Science.

Entry Requirements
Entry to the RPS TEAP requires:
  • An undergraduate degree majoring in chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology or other relevant specialty
    • Should contain a chemistry, pharmacy or pharmacology major
  • Enrolment in a relevant postgraduate degree program OR
    a postgraduate degree in chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, or biological sciences, where relevance to the RPS profession can be established by the ACPSEM
  • Acceptance and employment in a registrar training program at an ACPSEM accredited clinical training institution.

Refer to the TEAP Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedure for further in-depth information.

Enrolment Requirements:
Registrars will be successfully enrolled in the ACPSEM RPS TEAP once:
  • Admission to TEAP has been approved and granted by the RPS TEAP Coordinator
  • An approved RPS supervisor has been identified and confirmed for the Registrar's clinical training
  • All fees due to ACPSEM have been paid

Refer to the TEAP Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedure for further in-depth information.

Progression and Completion:

Registrars enrolled in RPS TEAP must satisfactorily complete each of the following assessment components:

  • Award of Approved Postgraduate Degree (Masters or higher)
  • Assessments of training progress
  • Achievement of all competencies and requirements as outlined in the ACPSEM Radiopharmaceutical Science Clinical Training Guide

Refer to the TEAP Progression and Completion Policy for further in-depth information.


 RPS TEAP Documents
The following ROMP TEAP resources are available for members to download