Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics 

The Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics TEAP combines the certification pathways for the Nuclear Medicine Physics and Radiology specialties under the one discipline. Participants can enrol in a single specialty or both. 

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Physicists are responsible for the safe handling, calibration and use of radionuclides for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. They are also involved in Positron Emission Tomography and are consultant for other professionals seeking advice.


Radiology Medical Physicists are the resident experts in the application of radiation for diagnosis. They direct and advise on the use of x-ray apparatus, computerised tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  

The Diagnostic Imaging Training, Education and Assessment Program (DIMP TEAP)

DIMP TEAP is designed for university graduates wishing to enter into the clinical diagnostic imaging medical physics professions. The program is carefully designed and structured to equip participants with the required knowledge, practical skills and experience for ACPSEM Certification in Medical Physics (Radiology and/or Nuclear Medicine). 

Entry Requirements:
Admission to the Diagnostic Imaging Training, Education and Assessment Program requires:
  • A BSc majoring in physics from an Australian or New Zealand University (or an approved overseas equivalent)
    • Equivalent overseas degrees are accepted, provided they meet ACPSEM and NOOSR or NZQA criteria. Exemptions can also apply for those with degrees that have a strong mathematics and physics component and which meet particular accreditation requirements.
  • Enrolment in an ACPSEM accredited postgraduate degree program in medical physics OR
    an ACPSEM accredited postgraduate degree in medical physics
  • Acceptance and employment in a registrar training program at an ACPSEM accredited clinical training institution

Refer to the TEAP Admission Policy and Procedure for further in-depth information.

Enrolment Requirements:
Registrars will be successfully enrolled in the ACPSEM DIMP TEAP once:
  • Admission to TEAP has been approved and granted by the DIMP TEAP Coordinator
  • An approved DIMP supervisor has been identified and confirmed for the Registrar's clinical training
  • All fees due to ACPSEM have been paid

Refer to the TEAP Enrolment Policy and Procedure for further in-depth information.

Progression and Completion:
Registrars enrolled in DIMP TEAP must satisfactorily complete each of the following assessment components:
  • Award of approved Postgraduate Degree (Masters or higher)
  • Periodic Assessments of Competencies attained and training progress
  • Publication in peer reviewed journal(s)
  • Presentation at national/international conference(s)
  • Pass in Part I written exam
  • Pass in Part II written exam
  • Achievement of all competencies and requirements as outlines in the ACPSEM Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Clinical Training Guide
  • Submission and acceptance of three examples of best work
  • Pass in the final Oral Exam
  • Pass in the Practical Exam

Refer to the TEAP Progression and Completion Policy for further in-depth information.