Advertise on our Job Board

The ACPSEM advertises job openings relevant to our member professions via email and our online Job Board
Our members represent most of the highly qualified professionals working in the highly specialised fields of medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science in Australia and New Zealand. Advertising through our Job Board offers access to this very specific, targeted audience. 
Organisations or departments wishing to advertise via our Job Board, can do so by purchasing and creating an advertisement through this website. 


Submit a Listing

To submit an advertisement, visit the ACPSEM Application and Payment Portal.

If you already have an account with us, please login to create and post your vacancy. If you are a new user, you will need to register with us first. You do not need to be a member of ACPSEM to create an account or post an advertisement. A confirmation email will be sent to you once you have successfully created your account. You can then login using your nominated username and password.\

It is important to add the personal contact details of the staff member who will be handling recruitment. Please include a close date for applications, as well as a link to the online application portal/listing (if applicable).

Listings automatically expire after one month. Provided you include the application close date, our staff will amend the display period to ensure the post does not expire before applications close. If you wish to extend the deadline for applications, or if your position is filled before your advertisement is due to expire, please contact us to make necessary updates to the post, or to withdraw your ad.

Please note: once you have submitted your advertisement, it will need to be approved by our Office before it goes live on our job board. 


Edit and Update Your Job Listing
You may edit your listing at any time after it has been published. To edit your advertisement, log into the website and visit the Manage Your Job Listing Page. Once changes are made, the post will no longer be active on our website, as our Office will need to approve it once again. If your changes are time-sensitive, please alert us via email


IMPORTANT Notification — Advertisement Procedure for 2023
Commencing 1 January 2023, all job advertisements posted via the ACPSEM Job Board will be circulated to ACPSEM members once a week via the ACPSEM Job Board Bulletin. This will be distributed to members by COB Wednesdays each week. To make the weekly bulletin, job advertisements need to be posted and approved by no later than 12 noon each Wednesday. Failure to meet this deadline will not guarantee the advert will be sent out in the weekly bulletin. Please note, no individual job adverts will be circulated outside of this cycle to members.

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