Special Interest Groups

Interest groups centred on disciplines that are not linked with any aspect of TEAP are referred to as Special Interest Groups (SIGs). All SIGs have two levels of engagement: Interest and Leadership.

The current ACPSEM Special Interest Groups are: 

  • University Special Interest Group (USig)
  • Medical Image Registration Special Interest Group (MIRSIG)
  • The Asia Pacific Special Interest Group (APSIG)
  • The New and Early Career Special Interest Group (NESIG)

The Anatomy of a Special Interest Group


Entry level into a Special Interest Group for all members or non-members (including students, registrars, physical scientists, engineers, or other medical or clinical professionals) who share an interest in the subject matter of the SIG.

  • Member of ACPSEM who takes an interest in the subject matter.
  • Member of other medical or clinical professional associations may elect to be part of the Special Interest Group if they take interest in the subject matter

Members may elect to be in the interest group for subjects beyond their scope or specialty.

For the sake of optimal and engaged participation and contribution, ACPSEM recommends joining no more than three Special Interest Groups.

  • Information about events and education opportunities. 
  • A "Community of Practice": networking potential to aid and support you in the development of your expertise.
  • Resources, including online discussion forums, position papers and educational workshops and events.

The Leadership Committee is appointed by the Board of the ACPSEM.  However, there may be opportunities from time to time when a vacancy arises.  All Interest Group members are eligible to nominate to the Leadership Committee via an expression of interest process.  Candidates are interviewed and selected by the Selection Panel.  

Want to Join a Special Interest Group?

You can join an Interest Group at any time via the SG SIG and Branches portal of "My ACPSEM" (you must login to access this area). Simply click ‘subscribe’ next to the name of your chosen group to join instantly and receive immediate access to your chosen group’s online platform. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Leadership Committee members are nominated and elected from the Interest Group.  If you are interested in joining the Leadership Committee for a Special Interest Group, please email your interest to the ACPSEM office at membership@acpsem.org.au

For more information on how special interest groups operate, please refer to ACPSEM Guideline on Specialty Groups and Special Interest Groups