Policy and Procedures

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ACPSEM Board Charter   Board
ACPSEM Board Communication Policy   Board
Director Recruitment Policy   Board
Delegations Policy   Board
ACPSEM Branches Policy   Board
ACPSEM PSB Policy   Board
ACPSEM Policy for the Management of Journal of
Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine 
ACPSEM Policy on Position Papers and Guidelines   Board
ACPSEM CPD System and Content Management Policy   Board & CEO
ACPSEM Guidelines on Specialty Groups and Special Interest Groups   CEO
ACPSEM Volunteer Policy   CEO
  ACPSEM Examiner Recruitment Procedure PSB
ACPSEM Grievance Handling and Appeal Policy   CEO
ACPSEM Accreditation Policy

Accreditation Procedure

TEAP Networked Training Procedure

TEAP Admission and Enrolment Policy

TEAP Program Admission Procedure

TEAP Enrolment Procedure

TEAP Leave Policy   CEO
TEAP Progression and Completion Policy TEAP Progression and Completion Procedure PSB
TEAP and Other Assessment Fees and Refund Policy   Board
Certification Policy Certification Procedure PSB & CEO

Registration Policy

Registration Procedure

Registration Application Form

Applicant Guidelines for ACPSEM Registration - Bespoke Registration Pathway

Management of Cyber Security Policy   Board


  • The Procedure Documents are currently in review by the PSB and are therefore in Draft Format. As a consequence, some links within them may not work

  • Access to policies relating to finance and financial transactions is restricted to directors, specific committee members and office staff.