Certification and Training Programs

ACPSEM is responsible for formal certification of medical physicists and radiopharmaceutical scientists in Australia and New Zealand.

The College has established expected standards of knowledge, skills, expertise and judiciousness to ensure safety and efficacy in the fields of clinical medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science. Certification is formal recognition that a participant has satisfactorily completed an ACPSEM Training, Education, and Assessment Program (TEAP) and is therefore capable of working to and beyond these standards. 

The aim of the certification process is to ensure that the applicant:
  • has knowledge of the requirements and professional standards that are pertinent to the practice of the profession;
  • has the skills and attributes required to ensure that processes and procedures are executed to a level of quality and consistency identified for the delivery of a quality service;
  • is aware of their environment and any limitations; and
  • displays professional behaviour, and good communication skills.
The ACPSEM administers a TEAP in three disciplines:
  • Radiation Oncology Medical Physics (ROMP);
  • Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics (DIMP), specialising in Nuclear Medicine Physics or Radiology Medical Physics or both; and
  • Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS).