Revised DIMP TEAP Curriculum and Framework Rollout

Over the past year, the College has undertaken an evaluation and significant revision of the training, assessment, and education program (TEAP).The result sees a restructured and modernised 3-year education program supported with a framework of programmatic assessment.

Key changes to the new DIMP curriculum include:
  • A restructure of learning topics, streamlining the current 69 ‘Modules’ into 10 Key Areas of education  
  • DIMP Graduate Program Outcome Statements with defined Learning Outcome Statements across each Key Area and Element of training   
  • Domains of Expertise, which classify, teach, and assess fundamental skills that support craft skills across the entire curriculum. These include communication, leadership, health advocacy, professionalism, and collaboration.   
  • The removal of duplication that was present some areas of in the current program 
  • The removal of some advanced areas of specialised learning with a view to developing post-TEAP programs for this higher-level knowledge/expertise
  • A framework that introduces stages of training; guiding trainees and supervisors to build knowledge in a formatted way, whilst allowing flexibility to meet learning outcomes across the curriculum requirements.   

As part of the rollout of the DIMP TEAP Curriculum, the College conducted a member consultation on the new curriculum framework. Following the consultation and further work with the Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel, the DIMP Curriculum Review Working Group have developed the DIMP TEAP Handbook and DIMP TEAP Curriculum Framework documents. 

Following the education sessions at EPSM2022 and the two in-depth webinars, the TEAP Coordinators developed a FAQ document which provides some detailed information to several commonly asked questions throughout the two sessions. Please see the relevant document below for your information. For those who missed the webinars or would like to re-watch the latest recordings, these are available below. 


DIMP TEAP Documents                                                                                             




Revised DIMP Curriculum for Supervisors- Webinar Session | November 2022




Revised DIMP Curriculum for Registrars - Webinar Session | December 2022