Governance and Structure

The Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) is a peak professional body for Medical Physicists, Radiopharmaceutical Scientists and Biomedical Engineers. ACPSEM deals with several matters relating to professional standards, positions and recommendations, both in relation to specialty areas and in relation to broader professional issues for Physical Scientists and Engineers in medicine.

ACPSEM Governance Documents:

The ACPSEM has several key documents pertaining to our governance arrangements. If the document you are looking for is not listed below, you may be able to find it using our document search function. 

ACPSEM Constitution


ACPSEM Code of Ethics

ACPSEM Governance Glossary

Policy Domain Chart

Board of Directors

2024 ACPSEM Board of Directors

Kevin Hickson


Kevin is the Head of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety for South Australia Medical Imaging. He joined the ACPSEM Board of Directors in 2018. Kevin has been President of the Board since January 2023. He was ACPSEM Treasurer in 2019, Head of Specialties in 2020, and Vice President from 2021-2022.

Andy Cousins

Vice President; RIsk,Audit and Finance Committee (RAFCo) Member

Andy Cousins is a Radiation Oncology Physics Team Leader at Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand, with varied experience across various radiation and safety regulatory regimes. Andy has been a Director of the Board since 2021. Andy was Vice Chair and Chair of the NZ branch (2016-18), and formed part of the branch review working group as the NZ representative.

Michael Bernardo

Treasurer & Chair, Risk,Audit and Finance Committee (RAFCo)

Michael is a Certified Medical Physics Specialist (Diagnostic Radiology) with Queensland Health's Biomedical Technology Services. Michael has brrnTreasurer since 2020. Michael was previously Chair of the ACPSEM QLD Branch.

Kym Rykers

Head of Specialties

Kym is the Medical Physics Manager at Austin Health, Victoria, which provides external beam radiotherapy to patients. Kym was ACPSEM President from 2021 - 2022. Kym has been Head of Specialties since January 2023.  

Trent Aland

Board Director

As National Director of Medical Physics for the Icon Group, Trent brings considerable skill in HR matters, financial accountability, resource requirements and radiation oncology technology. Before his election in 2022 to his current term, Trent was an ACPSEM Director from 2011-2015. Trent was Head of Specialties in 2022.

Rosemary Peavey

Independent Director; RIsk,Audit and Finance Committee (RAFCo) Member

Rosemary is a legal and governance professional who has worked across a number of sectors and jurisdictions. She was attracted to the board because of ACPSEM’s focus on helping science professionals improve patient outcomes and safety. She brings to the board core skills in the areas of law, governance and risk management. She is a current member of the Finance Committee.

Ivan Williams

Board Director &
Represents the ACPSEM Board on the ACPSEM Foundation Board

Ivan is the Head of the Medical Radiation Service Branch and Chief Medical Radiation Scientist within ARPANSA. At the start of 2020 he joined the ACPSEM Board of Directors, and from the offset of starting his appointment he was fielding calls from ACPSEM Members regarding the College’s direction.

Ben Hug

Risk,Audit and Finance Committee (RAFCo) Member

Ben is a Principal Physicist at 5D Clinics, WA, with an interest in the current review of potential AHPRA registration. Ben is motivated to give his time and expertise back to the College with the aim of assisting in shaping future frameworks. Ben was also previously the WA branch secretary for 2 years.


The Professional Standards Board (PSB)

The Board of Directors delegates the maintenance and oversight of Professional Standards to the Professional Standards Board (PSB). The PSB is responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards policies for ACPSEM, for overseeing their implementation and for ensuring that members comply with them. In a practical sense, the PSB manages the overall training, education and appeals processes for Medical Physicists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists participating in ACPSEM's TEAP Certification, Registration, and CPD programs.

The 2024 Professional Standards Board
Name Role Specialty 
Ian Smith Chair/Fellow Other
Cameron Jeffries  Experienced Member   Other
James Crocker Experienced Member Nuclear Medicine
Mohammed Haskali Experienced Member  Radiopharmaceutical Science
Benjamin Khoo Experienced Member  DIMP - Diagnostic Radiology
Eireann Cosgriff  New/Early Career Radiation Oncology
Danielle Mulherin Experienced Member  Radiation Oncology
Christopher Noble Experienced Member  Radiation Oncology
Vasilis Kondilis TEAP Registrar Radiation Oncology

To view the ACPSEM PSB Policy, click here

Certification Panels

The Radiation Oncology Certification Panel (ROCP)Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel (DICP) and Radiopharmaceutical Science Certification Panel (RPSCP) each manage the Certification and Registration programs for their discipline. They establish competency standards, administer the TEAP examination process, train examiners, assess and oversee candidates for Registration, and provide clinical specialist advice on standards and competency.

Our Certification Panels           


Jerome Gastaldo | Chair
Erin Seymour
Thu Tran
Trevor Ackerly
Neil Campbell
Chris Colyer
John Baines
Tylah Brennan 
Mathew Newall
Sam Potter 


Zoe Brady | Chair
John Burrage
Mike Irvine
Samuel Lilli
Bruce McBride
Andrew Chicco
Chris Leatherday


Chady Barkil | Chair
Ali Asad
Charmaine Jeffrey
Brenda Tai 
Benjamin Edwards





ACPSEM is structured into six branches across Australia and New Zealand. Branches facilitate local interaction between ACPSEM Members, conduct events on topics and by means that are tailored to specific regional needs and preferences, and interact with the wider community in ways that are in line with local concerns and systems. 

Committees and Working Groups

ACPSEM has numerous Committees and Working Groups that contribute to the oversight of specific areas of the College's operations. They are instrumental to policy development, subject expertise, and decision making for their delegated scope.

 ACPSEM Organisation and Staff Chart

ACPSEM Board and Committee Chart

ACPSEM Appointed Representatives on External Committees

ACPSEM Working Groups and Task Groups