Corporate Membership

Become an Organisational Supporter

ACPSEM Organisation membership is a mutually beneficial way for your company to support and contribute to the ACPSEM. As an organisational supporter you will be entitled to:

  • Formal acknowledgement on the College website
  • Four annual issues of the College's Physical Sciences & Engineering in Medicine (PESM) Journal to keep you up to date with pertinent scientific issues
  • Discounts on registration fees for conferences, scientific meetings and events runs by the ACPSEM or in collaboration with associated professional organisations
  • Discounted rates for advertisements circulated in emails to ACPSEM members and the PESM Journal
  • Free access for communication with our members (excludes advertisements



ACPSEM is proud to work in partnership with our Organisational Supporters



Deutsch Medical Pty Ltd

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Gamma Gurus

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Icon Group

Oxford Scientific 

Radiation Protection Services (radpro)

RadTest Australia

Radtronics Pty Ltd

Safe Radiation Pty Ltd

SIEMENS Healthineers

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SIEVERTS Radiation Consultancy 

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Varian Medical Systems Pty Ltd

DTect Innovation


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