Skills Assessment for General Skilled Migration Purposes

ACPSEM provides a skills assessment service to Medical Physicists wishing to migrate to Australia under a General Skilled Migration Visa.

Anyone applying for migration to Australia as a Medical Physicist (ANZSCO Code: 23914) under the General Skilled Migration categories must include a Skills Assessment from ACPSEM with their application to the Australian Department of Home Affairs. We are the only approved assessing authority for the Medical Physicist occupation category.

To receive a positive skills assessment, applicants must meet ACPSEM's English language requirements and one of the following categories of educational and professional requirements:

  • A four-year degree in Medical Physics
  • A four-year degree in Physics plus 12 months' full-time experience working as a Medical Physicist
  • A four-year degree in Physics plus a Masters or PhD degree in Medical Physics
  • A three-year degree in Physics plus 18 months' full-time experience working as a Medical Physicist
  • A three-year degree in Physics plus a Masters degree in Medical Physics plus 6 months’ full-time experience working as a Medical Physicist
  • A three-year degree in Physics plus a PhD degree in Medical Physics.

Please be aware that a successful outcome in your skills assessment does not guarantee you membership of the ACPSEM, inclusion on the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physicists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists, or employment in Australia as a Medical Physicist. It is also important to note;that the skills assessment does not specifically address competency in a particular Medical Physics sub-discipline, and therefore cannot be used to support or endorse your proficiency in any single medical physics specialty.

The General Skilled Migration Guidelines provides further information on the Skills Assesment criteria and the application and assessment procedures. Please ensure you that you read and understood these guidelines before you choosing to apply.

ACPSEM cannot offer advice on applications for migration. All queries around migration must be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.


ACPSEM exists to promote and further the development of the physical sciences and engineering as applied to medicine in Australia and New Zealand. However, it is not an assessing authority for any engineering occupations. If you think your qualifications and experience may be more appropriate to the Engineer - Biomedical Engineer (ANZSCO 234514) occupation category, you should seek advice from Engineers Australia, which is the approved assessing authority for engineering occupations. You can find more information on the Engineers Australia website.