Workforce Information

A number of studies have been undertaken in recent years concerning the workforces of ACPSEM members. This section contain links to some of the more recent information available. There is limited information available for biomedical engineering and radiopharmaceutical science.

ACPSEM Member Workforce Summary

In 2014, ACPSEM prepared a short summary of the workforce situation for medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science for the Australian Government Department of Health. ACPSEM Workforce Summary April 2014

This is the most recent ACPSEM conducted survey, however preparations for the latest edition, scheduled for release in mid-2020, are currently underway. Task Groups from each discipline will conduct their own research and submit their recommendations to the College as part of this program. 

Medical Physics Workforce

Radiation Oncology Medical Physics

You can find information about the current situation, workforce projections and plans for the future of radiation therapy in Australia and New Zealand at the Planning for the Best website which holds the full Radiation Oncology Tripartite Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022. The Plan describes a way forward for radiation oncology professions, and addresses the strategic issues important for the delivery of safe, high quality and accessible radiation oncology.

Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics

The term Diagnostic Imaging when used by ACPSEM in this context covers both the radiology and nuclear medicine medical physics workforces.

Radiopharmaceutical Science (RPS) Workforce

In 2015, The NSW Department of Health prepared a factsheet for careers in RPS. Data at the time was limited, but the profession is experiencing steady growth. Enrolments in the RPS stream of our Training and Education Program for Certification are also increasing, so watch this space for more information and analysis as more data becomes available.


Historical References

Medical Physics Workforce

Health Workforce Australia (now defunct) published the results of an informal study across the medical physics professions in 2012. HWA Medical Physics Workforce Study September 2012

Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Workforce

In 2012, Allen Consulting (now ACIL Allen Group) conducted a study of the radiation oncologist, radiation therapist and radiation oncology medical physics workforces, and made projections for the next 10 years. This is a supplementary document to the Tripartite's Strategic Plan, Planning for the Best.

Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Workforces

 In 2012, John Cormack used data to analyse current and future workforce situations.

Cormack Analysis DIMP Workforce 2012

For any individuals or organisations with questions about the Medical Physics, Radiopharmaceutical Science or Biomedical Engineering Workforces, please contact the ACPSEM Office with your query and we will organise a conversation with an appropriate representative.