ACPSEM Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert Certification

Following its successful pilot in 2020, the ACPSEM Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert (MRSE) Certification Course will run once again in 2023..

The course is run by means of webinars and off-line assignments. Successful completion of the course, assessments and final interview will lead to Certification as an ACPSEM MR Safety Expert (MRSE).

The course is open to ACPSEM members and registrars who have, or intend to develop, a safety involvement with MRI in the diagnostic, radiation oncology or research sectors. Please note that spaces will be strictly limited and acceptance to the course is subject to criteria including:
  • Previous experience
  • Access to the MRI environment and,
  • Geographical location — Australia and New Zealand only

The Chair of the ACPSEM MR Safety Assessment Panel (MRSAP) is Prof. Donald McRobbie. 

1.2 Magnetic materials
1.3 Magnetic forces
2.1 Static magnetic field
2.2 Time-varying gradient field
2.3 Radiofrequency field
2.4 Acoustic noise
2.5 MRI during pregnancy
2.6 Contrast agents
3.1 Passive implants and devices
3.2 Active implants
4.1 Suite design
4.2 Occupational exposure
4.3 Management of MR safety

Please note: the structure may change slightly with the announcement of registrations for 2023.

Applications and Registrations

Registrations will open in July of 2023. 

Interested candidates will need to submit an application to be assessed for eligibility for entry to the course. Applicants uncertain about their eligibility should apply and have their application assessed as pre application advice will be limited.

Following oversubscription of the 2020 pilot course, a wait list of eligible applicants was created. Those on the waitlist will be given priority for 2023. As places are limited,  preference will also be given to College Members and TEAP Associate Member Registrars.

Course Costs
  • ACPSEM Members  $1300
  • ACPSEM TEAP Registrars  $200
Note for TEAP Registrars

DIMP Registrars can use the course to complete optional TEAP modules and at the same time be certified as an ACPSEM MR Safety Expert, and ROMP Registrars (who meet eligibility requirements) are also invited to apply and will also be awarded the certification.

However, Registrars are advised that:
  • The workload is significant and, for example, greater than that required to meet the DIMP MR optional module requirement.
  • Therefore those already finding TEAP challenging to complete should think carefully before registering.

Registrars will require a letter of support from their supervisor to enrol in this course.