Member Benefits

ACPSEM membership is open to professionals, established and aspiring, who work, or are interested in the application of physics, sciences and engineering to medicine.

As a member of ACPSEM you’ll receive support and guidance to build your technical skills and knowledge, expand your professional network, and meet your career goals.

What ACPSEM Membership means for you:

  • Stay up to date in your knowledge and current in your practice
  • Greater professional recognition and credentials
  • Training and professional support, no matter your career stage
  • Social and educational events, from branch level activities to our annual Australia-New Zealand Conference
  • Exclusive member pricing on courses, events and fees
  • A professional support network: connect with colleagues through collaboration and peer review
  • Opportunities to expand your skillset and experience through college committee, specialty group, board, and panel roles
  • Receive and exchange information relevant to your area of expertise and profession by joining a Specialty Group. Assist in the conception and development of the expert contributions these groups make to governments, regulatory authorities and other professional bodies.
  • Access to broader resources and opportunities through our international connections
  • The chance to represent us in joint advocacy efforts and collaborative projects with other associated organisations. We regularly nominate members to state radiation councils and a range of national committees and task forces
  • Exclusive access to our online Member Bunker
    • Member-Only Updates on Specialty, Branch and College Council activities
    • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) registration, events and tracking
    • Important papers and resources
    • Web-access to the College's EPSM Journal
    • E-Learning Tools 
  • Know that you are well represented by an organisation that is committed to growing the profile of your industry and impriving the professional standards and pratice within it.





  • General membership database networking opportunities
  • Expand your professional community through our member only networking events
  • An invitation to the Australia and New Zealand annual conference (at a discounted rate)
  • Receive regular member updates and our bi-monthly E-Newsletter
  • Join your local branch for professional development and social opportunities, as well as regular updates
  • The chance to participate in our Scientists and Engineers in Leadership (SEL) Mentoring Program as either a Mentor or Mentee
  • Volunteering Opportunities in the Asia Pacific with our Foundation. Provide professional assistance and teaching in the areas of Medical Physics, Radiopharmaceutical Science and Biomedical Engineering in Asia-Pacific Hospitals
  • Opportunities for your professional input into ACPSEM's advocacy efforts around
    • The standing of the industry and its professions
    • Standards of service, practice and safety in Medical Physics
    • Funding and incentives for more extensive research
  • Unlock access to our online Member's Area
    • CPD tools and tracking
    • E-Learning
    • Unlock a wealth of information and resources
    • EPSM Journal Subscription 
  • Discounts on any ACPSEM training course or event
  • Reduced fees for accreditation by peer endorsement in specialised areas
  • Reduced annual fee for our TEAP Certification Program
  • Discounted European SocieTy for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) Affiliate Membership