The Right Membership For You

Our members are professionals, established and aspiring, who work or are simply interested in the application of the physical sciences and engineering to medicine.

ACPSEM Membership is tiered and categorised according to educational qualifications and work experience. 




Minimum Educational Qualifications


No tertiary qualification in a physical science, engineering,or radiopharmaceutical science

ACPSEM approved degree in physics, engineering, or radiopharmaceutical science

Available to current ACPSEM TEAP Registrars

ACPSEM approved degree in physics,  engineering, or radiopharmaceutical science

Minimum Workplace


< 3 years

3 + years





Evidence and/or Endorsement Required for Application

Proposed by an Ordinary Member or Fellow

Proposed by and Ordinary Member or Fellow. Supported by another Ordinary Member or Fellow.

Existing TEAP Registrars do not require proof of their qualifications. Registrars are exempt from completing the Academic Qualifications section of the application.

Proposed by an Ordinary Member or Fellow, Supported by another Ordinary Member or Fellow.

CV and reports from two referees

Annual Fee
(GST Inclusive)


AU & NZ full-time students may be eligible for up to 66% discount (see below*)

$297.00 $385.00


For anyone with an interest in Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering or Radiopharmaceutical Science; a great option for students. Affiliate Membership is for those who do not yet have a tertiary qualification in a physical science or engineering.  Applications for Affiliate Membership must be proposed by an ACPSEM Ordinary Member or Fellow. It is not, however, required that the Fellow or Ordinary Member proposing the application know the candidate personally.

If you are unable to find an Ordinary Member or Fellow to propose your application, the Membership Committee Chair will take responsibility for doing so upon receipt of your application.

*Full-time students studying in Australian or New Zealand for Master and PhD may be eligible for up to 66% discount to the annual fee.  Before you apply for the Affiliate Membership, please contact our Members Services Officer via for the discount code. To be eligible, you'll be required to provide enrollment letters or other evidence that proves that you are a full-time student.   

For graduates with a relevant, ACPSEM approved degree in physics, engineering or radiopharmaceutical science. This category is particularly suited to ACPSEM TEAP Registrars. Applications must be proposed by an ACPSEM Ordinary Member or Fellow, and supported by another. Both the proposer and supporter must know the applicant personally.

Existing ACPSEM TEAP Registrars do not require a proposer or supporter for their application. 

For graduates with a relevant ACPSEM approved degree in physics, engineering, or radiopharmaceutical science, and a minimum of three years full-time work experience in their relevant field. Candidates must also provide their CV, Certified copy of degrees, and two Referees who demonstrate the applicant is in good standing in their workplace and/or other relevant associations/ organisations.Referees need not to be members or fellows of the ACPSEM.  If you have a major ACPSEM Certification, you do not need to provide CV or Referee Report.

Please read through the attached Guide to Ordinary Membership before you apply. If you have any further queries you should contact the office directly before lodging your online application.

If you hold a major ACPSEM Certification you do not need to provide your CV or Referee Reports for your application.